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  • On the first page, you said the 'Data Visualizer' solution is an upgrade from the open source PnP 'Modern Search solution', so basically, you simply reused the same code but now make people pay for it?"
    Well, not really. We started the code from scratch with a completely new design approach. Of course we reuse pattern from the open source solution but the majority of the codebase is totally new (and much improved from the open-source version). Feel free to try it by yourself using a trial license to see the differences.
  • I don't want a subscription based model. Can I just buy a 'standalone' version and can keep the solution forever?
    Of course! Along the subscription based model, we provide a standalone option with a license key. All you need is to setup a tenant property in your Office 365 tenant to get it work. It is slightly more expensive than the subscription based model, but it all depends how long you plan to use this solution. Also, you will get the updates as well as the subscription model. For more information on how to setup your standalone license, refer to the documentation.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription at anytime using the link provided in your order email or by using this link to get you subscription details. You license will remain active until the end of the subscription period.
  • I subscribed to a trial and I want to switch to a standalone license. What happen to my subscription? Will I be charged twice?
    You can purchase a standalone license during the trial subscription period using the same tenant ID. In this case, we will automatically cancel you trial subscription and you won't be charged at the end of the period. Simply as that.
  • I lost my order email, can you send me a copy?"
    It happens :( You can recover your order using this link and giving the email you used to make that order(s).
  • Does this solution works with SharePoint 2019?
    Due to technical considerations, unfortunately not for now. However we still have this in mind for a near the future. Definitely possible but requires some additional work here.
  • How I can get updates for this solution?
    Updates are released as SharePoint Framework packages (.sppkg) in the public GitHub repository. Just update the solution in your app catalog and your are good to go! However, we highly recommend to deploy the solution in a test environment prior to production.
  • What if I encounter issues with the solution?
    You can submit your issue in the official GitHub repository. We are actively following issues so you won't be abandoned!
  • What technologies do you use to build these Web Parts?
    These Web Parts are built using the following technologies or tools: - SharePoint Framework (latest version) - React & TypeScript - Open source PnP React controls and PnP Property controls - Cypress tor UI testing - Web components - React Content Query WebPart sample for the CAML data source - Flickity (Carousel layout)
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